Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We've been infiltrated!

I'm feeling sort of crappy so I was trying to sleep in. I heard the phone ringing, and proceeded to crawl out of bed to find the damned phone. This time, it wasn't too hard because the phone was on the charger. Of course, I was too late and had to wait for any voicemail message to come through. The call had been from my friend Susan... our caller ID showed that she was calling from her cell phone, and she was more than likely on her way to work.

So I called her back and we were chatting away when complete pandemonium broke out. All 4 dogs went absolutely insane. They were barking wildly, so much so that I knew something or someone was in our yard. They sounded much too alarmed and anxious for it to be squirrel, rabbit or bird. So I told Susan that I better go and see. She said to call her back.

I walk through the kitchen towards the living room and stopped to get some of my on ammunition: dog biscuits. I was yelling for the dogs to be quiet, which in itself was an exercise in utility. It was at this point that it also occurred to me that I wasn't in a "presentable" state to greet someone at the door.

So I peer around the corner, and tried to see if someone was on the porch. There didn't appear to be anyone there, so I slipped into the dining room and quickly got a better look. Nope... nobody on the side porch! The dogs were still carrying on, but the aroma of the dog biscuits clutched in my hand must have wafted towards them, because their barking was rather half-hearted at this point.

As I was making them get off the couch, I glanced out the picture window, and saw our interloper. It was a great big green monster parked smack dab in our front yard. And bless their hearts, my 4 beloved sentries’ were doing the best to send out the alarm and to protect our fort!!! I love these dogs so much. At this point, biscuits were handed out, and everyone was safely tucked into their crate so that I could go back to bed.

But then I realized I need to call Susan back, but I had to wait a bit. So I checked email and decided to post this latest happening in my whacky world. Of course, by now you realize that the great big green yard monster is actually my beloved Ford Explorer. It was parked behind Russell's van, and when he left for work this morning, he pulled it over into the yard so that he could get out. I could have driven his van, but I really like my explorer.... he's such a big sweetie. He'd hate that I said so.... but it's the truth!

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