Thursday, July 20, 2006

TS Beryl

It looks like TS Beryl has the potentional to wreck havoc with the Northeast. There is a "Tropical Storm Warning" for SE Massachusetts from Plymouth to Woods Hole. This includes Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and Cape Cod. Additional warnings may be issued as well.

Any storm is worrisome. However, since we're in the middle of summer, and the areas affected are filled with tourists and vacationeers, it's even more so. I pray that Beryl blows itself out to sea and no harm comes to anyone.

The fact that is is so early in the season makes me believe what the forecasters have been saying. More than likely, this will be another active year, storm wise. I heard last night that the experts think that most of the storms will be on the Atlantic side and not the Gulf side.

Either way, these storms are really lousy. To anyone reading this in the path of Beryl, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay safe....


Changeit said...

How do you think this relates to global warming?

Annie said...

There's definitely got to be a connection. We've had 2 active years in regards to hurricanes, and this year is supposed to be as active. Very scary!