Monday, July 24, 2006

$3.09 a gallon????? Yikes!!!!

I was astounded this morning when I saw that gas had gone up over night to $3.09 a gallon! I think that is the highest I can ever remember it being in this part of the country. Geeeez....

For those of you reading this, I'm curious to know how much gas is right now in your town... so if you would, add a comment to this blog and tell me how much gas is in your area. I hope that anyone reading this blog will participate.

Also here is a link to a cool site for anyone living in the USA or Canada.... it will help you find the cheapest gas prices in your area, and you can sign up and participate and earn points to cheaper gas: Gasbuddy.Com

And of course, we need gas. While we were out on our expedition yesterday, we stopped for gas. We decided to gamble and only get a little bit, thinking that prices would go down today.... HA! The laugh's on us... and we've got alot of egg on our faces.

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