Sunday, May 24, 2009

"You Are Mine"

Today was the celebration of the "Feast of the Ascension", where Jesus ascended into heaven. My impression of this day has always been rather sad. I now realize the joy of His Ascension into heaven.

I heard this at Mass today, and have heard this song before. It is one of my favorites and I love it dearly. I think that it offers such amazing comfort, love and hope. I hope that anyone who chooses to view it, will find love and comfort as well. Jesus loves us..... all of us. Never ever doubt his love.... Never be afraid.

Jesus is always with us. He did not leave us. He never will.

Please click on this link: "You Are Mine"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eager to get out into the sunshine....

As I was leaving the student union this morning, I exchanged pleasantries with a passerby.... they wished me good morning, and asked me how I was. My reply was "I'm wonderful... and eager to get out into the warmth of the sunshine!"

It is truly a beautiful day, and as I walked towards my office in Alumni Hall, I listened to the birdsong and enjoyed the smell of the lilacs. I pondered my choice of words, and at first thought them to be an odd thing to say... not that it was wrong.. just unusual. "Eager to get out into the warmth of the sunshine...." you see.. I've never been a sunny day sort of person. I have always loved cloudy days. Sure, I'd like a pretty day from time to time... but something about a cloudy day has always been comforting. And now I'm craving sunshine.... and I think it's more than just enjoying a pretty day. I think perhaps that it's really God's light that I am craving.

Since beginning my faith journey... since becoming Catholic and reading and studying.. I am drawn towards light... towards the sunshine... toward art that shows light filtering into the darkness. I recently saw a collection of paintings by a student. They were of a forest. I love tree's.. and forests.... and this showed sunlight filtering through the denseness of the woods... it was so strong, so brilliant. Only God's light could be that strong! Then there is a picture of a lighthouse, on the shore of a stormy Lake Erie. The beacon of light boldly shining out into the murky night... guiding one to the safety of the shore. Again, only God's light could be that strong...

The most amazing thing, however, is to feel the warmth of the sun... it is like feeling God wrapping His arms around me. And that is such an amazing thing. So if you read this... the next time you feel the warmth of the sun, think of it as God wrapping His arms around you.... and know that you are loved...