Friday, August 28, 2009

Angels in the most unexpected places!

I don't know why it always surprises me, but there are times when I encounter an Angel in the most unexpected place! The Angel I encountered to day is named Carlos, and he works for our local Cable company. I was calling in regards to my Mother's cable bill. It was refreshing to, first, speak with a real live human being, and second, speak with someone who was kind, compassionate and enthusiastic about providing excellent customer service. Carlos was compassionate in that he wanted to provide my Mother the best possible rate, and he was able to drop her existing rate by about $10+ a month. And the most amazing thing is, I never even thought to ask for a lower rate. He did this all on his own. We discussed what it must be like to be bed fast. So I am saying a special prayer of thanksgiving to God for the Angel named Carlos... and I am asking God to bless Carlos and his loved ones. Amen.

After Kennedy\'s Death: Silence from the Pope

After Kennedy\'s Death: Silence from the Pope

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Waidin's Encore (Cora) CGC CD 1997-2009

It is with great sorrow that I post this.... we lost our Cora on Tuesday, August 4, 2009. She was our very first Newf.. she was everything to me... she was a wonderful companion and friend. She was a wonderferful therapy dog...she worked well with children... they responded to her in amazing ways. She despised being brushed....yet she'd let children residing in our local battered women's shelter brush her without complaint. She was the first one that a little girl spoke to after untold horrors.. her social worker told me she hadn't spoken in 3 weeks... and Cora broke through that barrier.

She was the calming influence on all the rescues that came through our door. She took a backseat to them all... allowing us to give our attentions to them because they needed it. Yet she'd stick her nose under our hands when she needed some las much loving.

She was simply, a good sweet girl... not a fancy show dog... she didn't like the water too much. She had her CD.. which for those of you who know us meant as much as any best in show! She was, is and will always be "my puppy".

I thank all of those who have been in touch with me on Facebook... and I am posting here to reach any friends with whom I've not been in touch with.

Godspeed my sweet Cora.... we love you.