Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Book Nook

One of the many things involved in clearing out my Mother's house is finding something "to do" with her voluminous collection of paperback books. My Mother's taste in fiction isn't something you'd expect your Mother to enjoy. My Mother enjoys novels about vampires and romance... the steamier the better.

It’s difficult for my Mother to part with her books. However, the reality is that she has been somewhat compulsive in building her library. There are many duplicates, and many unread. There are several that she’s really not even interested in reading. So, we’ve decided to sell them.

A family friend started selling them online. However her husband had back surgery yesterday and she will not be able to continue. I went to her house on Tuesday and she “showed me the ropes” in regards to selling online! On Wednesday, I went to the bank and opened a special checking account to deal with this. I then spent the entire evening setting up my seller’s account and listing a couple of dozen books.

And ‘lo and behold, one sold this morning! I felt victorious! I dutifully printed out a packing slip, and hurried off to buy shipping materials. I then went to the post office and waved cheerfully goodbye to my first successful sale!

Like my Mother, I am a “shopper”. So who would have thunk? The buyer has become a seller. And that is a pretty fantastic feeling!

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