Saturday, January 21, 2006

The death of a whale...

…is so desperately sad. Of course, I’m referring to the bottle-nosed whale that found it’s way up the Thames river in London yesterday. All reports showed that the whale was in distress and probably quite ill. Upon hearing the story for the first time, I found my self feeling great concern for the poor creature.

Further reports told of rescue workers’ attempts at rescuing the poor creature. Reports also told of concern for the whale from all corners of the globe. I went to sleep hoping that somehow, some way, the creature would find its way back to the open sea’s of the North Atlantic.

Sadly, this was not to be. The whale died on a barge as it was being ferried towards the Thames estuary. As this story has touched the hearts of people from all over the world, I’m certain that sadness is felt by all who were concerned by this whale’s plight.

Yet, while thinking about my own sadness, I felt a sense of awe… and hope. For if people from all around the world, can embrace the plight of a whale, then perhaps things are not so hopeless around this great planet. So feelings of sadness, awe and now hope have filled my heart today. All because of a whale, who got lost on the Thames, but found its way into the hearts of people all over the world.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Why can’t we all just get along?

I feel like Pollyanna when I ask this question, but I need to vent. You would think that a group of people, brought together because of a common interest could get along. But nooooooooo… no way and no how! And I’m in the middle.

I am a moderator for a discussion group. Over the years, people have formed alliances and adversaries. I feel like I’m in a really bad “Survivor” episode. And, being someone who detests conflict, and making people mad at me, I was reluctant to do anything about it.

However, today, someone posted something that really set me off, and I fired back. Afterwards, I experienced anxiety and doubt. And, to be honest there was a moment when I was pretty pumped up.

I went to lunch, and when I came back, I expected all sorts of private messages and emails. What did I find? NOTHING… Zilch, nada. NOTHING! I have been asking myself, is that good or bad? At this point, I’m choosing to believe that it is good!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Starlight Starbright

WOW! I have always been fascinated with all things celestial, and space exploration. I've had the great privilege of witnessing 2-3 launches of the space shuttle. Tonight, I can add yet another experience to my "space watch resume". The International Space Station was due to fly over head.

A friend emailed Russell the details, and we both made mental notes to remember to "go out and look". Mother Nature was most gracious, and allowed clear skies. Our neighborhood is heavily wooded, so we drove off to find a better vantage point. There is a church built on a hillside not too far from our home. So we parked, and found ourselves in the perfect position to watch.

And we did. And we saw. The ISS flew right over. We used the binoculars I inherited from my Father, and we were able to watch it as it moved across the sky. What an incredible feeling it was. The only word that comes to mind seems a bit cliché, but... it was truly AWESOME!

Friday, January 06, 2006


Mother Nature is very confused. We've been having spring-like weather for the last week. Today, as I was walking accross campus, I couldn't help but notice the squirrels. They were going nuts (pun intended). They were chattering, chasing one another, and cavorting all over the place. It was such fun to watch, and it definitely seemed like they had a major case of "spring fever". This is why I think that Mother Nature is confused, since it's early January, and way too soon for "spring fever"!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I'm back at work, and wanted to post and update, and I couldn't even remember my username or password! I wish I could say that I had a good reason... but I guess it's just that I'm feeling a little blue... post holiday blues I guess!

We had a quiet New Year's. We celebrated with friends at their home. We sent out for Chinese food, and played games. It was very low-key and fun. Good times, spent with good friends. What a better way to ring in the New Year!

New Year's Day is a blur. We both slept in until noon, and woke up crabby and out of sorts. We went out for breakfast, and I chose "Cracker Barrel". Well, silly me. Not only was it a holiday, but most churches had recently let out, and we had a long wait. Russell wasn't happy. Nor was I for that matter!

We took pork and sauerkraut over to my Mother's house. Pork and Sauerkraut is a New Year's tradition in this part of the world. My friend Pauline's family hails from North Carolina, and she shared that she grew up eating black-eyed peas on New Year's day. It's all about legend and tradition, and ensuring that you have good luck for the entire New Year. Funny. I wonder about other regions and what their traditions are.

And then there was yesterday. My last hurrah before heading back to work this morning. A nice day.... spent doing chores and errands. We went to our friends to watch Ohio State play against Notre Dame. Ohio State won, thank goodness! It was a good game. GO BUCKS!