Saturday, July 22, 2006

Family Night At Summer Camp

Russell has been with his Scout troop at summer camp since Monday. In year's past, family night has always been on Wednesdays. However this year, family night was moved to Friday (tonight). I was excited to see him (as always)! I left the house around 5PM in order to arrive by 6. I stopped and bought him some caffeine free diet soda and a big bag of ice. I then stopped to see the Colonel at KFC and ordered our dinner.
For Russell, ordered their new boness buffalo wings. For myself I ordered their honey barbecue boneless wings. I also got us some cole slaw and hush puppies. It took a while for the order to be put together. This isn't surprising considering my restaurant karma (which I'll blog about at a future date)!

I then headed to camp. I was worried about driving out during the 5 O'Clock rush on a Friday, but traffic really wasn't that bad. I arrived on time, and Russell was waiting. It was wonderful to see him. We carried our dinner back to the troop's campsite (Red Hawk). Several other families had already arrived, and we had a wonderful time talking with one another.

Everyone was in high spirits. All of the boys successfully completed all their merit badges. They had put together a skit for the evening's campfire in the council ring. As we were preparing to leave the campsite to attend the campfire, there were rumbles of thunder. Russell elected to stay behind at the campsite and watch over everything in case the storm was bad. I stayed with him and we chatted about the week! Another family joined us, and again we had a great time chatting.

The storm blew over.... there were only a few raindrops. It got darker and darker. It was really nice out. It wasn't too warm and the humidity had disappeared. It was fun watching the fireflies put on their show.... the trees were filled with them... it was beautiful.

Russell walked me to the car without a flashlight. He's so used to camp and can see in the dark. It's rather un-nerving but after 12+ years, I've learned to follow him out. They break camp tomorrow and he should be home between 12-1PM.

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