Saturday, July 22, 2006

Musing about July....

"July dawns on lake or river can be gauzy with mist and glowing beauty, a special bonus for quiet fishermen. July afternoons can roar and rumble with thunderstorms that slash the sky, shake the hills, and drench the valleys. July nights can be as cool as May, as sultry as late August, and they are lit with more fireflies than stars."
–Hal Borland

Hal Borland wrote an outdoor column for the Sunday "New York Times" for over 35 years. He's also written several books. I yearn to own a couple of them, but they're very hard to find. However, I'm lucky because one of the Mariansit Brothers at work has created somewhat of an art/meditation gallery in our building's elevator. Every day, he posts something written by Hal Borland. And in the 4 years that I've worked in the building, I've become quite enchanted with Mr. Borland's writings.

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