Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Christmas was delightful... full of family dynamics... intriguing, sometimes exasperating, but very very special. I've discovered that I need more sleep and less caffeine. My body yearns for better nutrition. All the food we've eaten over the last several days has been very very rich and incredibly yummy. Yet, I want and need a salad. And I don't even like salads. Is that funny, or what?

I've also discovered that I need to accept some things. That my Mother is the way she is, she's not going to change. She actually did very well this weekend. She's crotchety at times, and can really zing you with a nasty comment. She doesn't mean them. I know that.. but it still can hurt. I'm very good at defending myself. However, I think I need a thicker skin. It is what it is. I've wanted her to accept me for "who" I am... and I now realize that I've been rather hypocritcal.... I need to accept her for "who" she is!

WOW!!! Who'd have thunk?


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