Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday Evening Ponderings....

Obviously, from the title of this post, it's Sunday evening. Dinner is finished, the dishes are soaking, and we're watching "Nature" on PBS. Or rather, Russell is. I'm online... here, composing my thoughts about this weekend. And the dogs, well they're all about. Yelda is nearest, messing with a bone. Kira is snoozing, Ben is patrolling, and dear Cora is lying quietly, be the good girl she is.

It's astonishing that the weekend is about over. Time continues to fly by at a pace that makes my head spin. And, of course, instead of feeling rested and relaxed, I'm wiped out! That seems to be the norm for me, and while it may seem like I'm complaining, I really do thrive on a full and hectic schedule. But that's a secret, and if "you" tell anyone I said so, I'll deny it. *VBG*

The weekend started as they always do. Heading home from the office. However, this past Friday was a bit different, because Russell had to work late- some sort of upgrade of the Library's database. So, I came home and dealt with our hairy herd... this included walks, feeding and fresh water, as well as lots of hugs and slurps. We watched tv for awhile, until Russell called to let me know that he was ready to come home. I then left to pick him up and go get some dinner. After missing not one, but two exits, we ended up at a barbecue restaurant instead of our favorite Thai restaurant. Oh well... the barbecue was good enough... just not Pad Thai which seems to be my latest obsession! After that, we headed home and began preparations for Saturday...

After eating breakfast together, I headed to Columbus to attend a Christmas party given by some fellow rescue buddies. Russell went to visit his good friend Dave, who I've mentioned in earlier posts. Dave is dying from cancer, and we want to see him as much as possible. Russell's visit enabled Dave's wife to get out and get some shopping done.

I made it to Columbus in good time. The drive from Dayton to Columbus is usually frustrating, due to never-ending construction and traffic. So I was pleasantly surprised when I didn't have either one of those to deal with. The party was lovely. My friends live in an old farmhouse that they've completely renovated. I'm so envious everytime I visit. Spirits were high, and the food was scrumptious. My friend Lynn was there from the Cleveland area, and she had brought along a newf named "Freddie". Freddie is a rescue dog, and I had agreed earlier in the week to help transport "Freddie" to his new family. So, after a lovely lunch, Lynn's husband and I loaded "Freddie" into my car, along with his medical records, medications, a crate and dog bed.

"Freddie" was such a good boy on our journey. We were meeting his new family in Richmond, Indiana. I called Russell and he was home, and I was ahead of schedule. He agreed to go with me, so I stopped at home to pick him up. We got to Richmond right on time, and "Freddie's" new family was there waiting. We had dinner together at The Cracker Barrel. Russell and Bill, "Freddie's" new owner, took him for a quick walk. We then put "Freddie" into his new family's car, and said good bye. "Freddie" has been through hell in the last year, and he is going to a wonderful home. I'm thrilled for him.

After we got home and took care of our dogs, we settled in for a nice quiet evening. And today was spent at my Mother's. I baked all afternoon, while watching Christmas movies on tv!

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carriesays said...

Busy and doing good! Lucky Newfs! love Caroline