Sunday, December 04, 2005

Talk about chillin!

Lordy Lordy, it was cold and icy today. We decided that it would be safe to head to Indiana for the tree pull, and were on the road by 9 am. We arrived just after 12, and before long, Russell had Kira hitched up to the sled and they were off pulling trees.

It was a great day, despite the cold. I helped with serving cookes and hot chocolate, and making sure that Russell & Kira had everything we needed. There was a brisk breeze that added to the frigid temperatures! It was good to get back in warmth of our van and head home.

Bless Kira, she did an amazing job.


carriesays said...

is it really that cold. Ive been complaining about 50 degree nights. kali!!! caroline

Annie said...

Yep! It's really that cold. It's currently 14 degrees out. Tomorrow's low is supposed to be 6! And, we just got 5 inches of snow.

I need to get boots. I'm tired of wet shoes and socks already!