Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Pawty for the dogs

Ok... I admit it... I've gone over the edge, or around the bend..... I've definitely gone to the dogs, that's for sure! Last night, we participated in a Christmas "paw-tee" for the dogs. I actually orgazinized the event.

Members of an online discussion forum about Newfoundland Dogs exchanged names with each other and sent gifts. Then, last night, we had a online party in a chat room. I had my dogs open their gifts before the party started, but took pictures to share with the group.

Here are my pictures.


carriesays said...

Online parties for newf make sense. Image 20 newfs in you house at once. perhaps my friend you dont need to. love Caroline

Annie said...

Ohhh.. I shudder to think... 5 has been our max... but Sailor was really the size of 2, so I guess you could say 6! :lol: