Thursday, September 04, 2008

Who Knew??? The Media is sexist!

I am thoroughly disgusted by the media's attack on Sarah Palin. I understand that they are afraid, very afraid. I understand that the majority of the media are Liberal, and O'Bama supporters. I regret their inability to set aside their own views and agendas and report just the facts. I abhor the fact that they feel they "KNOW" what the American people think, feel and want. I believe that the Media thinks that most people in America are stupid, and need to be told what and how to think.

I've felt this way for a long time. Yet, in this weeks attack on Governor Sarah Palin, they have outdone themselves. And yes, I am angry. However, I am a bit hopeful... hopeful because they've gone overboard- their overzealous "rabid-ness" is showing! Perhaps they are afraid that they "are looking bad" because after Governor Palin's fantastic speech last night, they are back peddling some. They have shown their true colors! Yes!!! For being "Liberals" they seem to be incredibly sexist. Their actions have set women back 50 years!

Bottom line: I understand and agree that "We", the American public are not always going to agree. I respect that. I respect each person's right to his/her own opinion. And I believe that each voter can make up their own mind with out the "MEDIA" cramming slanted facts down our throats.

I found this clip on Yahoo News. Diane Sawyer is interviewing Cindy McCain, about her views on the media. Enjoy!

Cindy McCain on the Media

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