Friday, September 19, 2008

So Dissapointed....

I am so upset and stunned. I was in the work room just now, running copies, and one of the other secretaries came in from across the hall, and looked at me, and said "I heard something very disappointing about you just now". I thought she was kidding around, and I said "You did??? What was that?". She said, I heard you had a McCain button on yesterday. I told her I did.. and asked who was talking about me. Another secretary had told her. Then she went on to say... and I thought I liked you!!! OMG. I didn't say anything at first, and then I turned and said... "well why wouldn't you?". I didn't get into a debate, or anything, I just looked at her. She finally smiled and said that she still did, but it was very awkward. Talk about being disappointed. I am the one who is disappointed! At least I kept cool and was dignified... I did act surprised. In the end she seemed to be embarassed... and rightly so! {No pun intended....}

I have my beliefs. I post about them quietly and in my own way. I have colleagues and friends who agree, and who disagree. I respect everyone's right to "their own opinion". Apparently, not everyone does. That is a sad commentary on the mindset of so many. So for those of you who know me, and are on the opposite side of the fence politically, you will always have my respect. I won't stop "liking" you just because you choose to vote differently than me. So please, allow me the same courtesy. We should all just agree to disagree.


Pauline said...

I very rarely open my mouth about politics anymore for fear of being screamed at! And believe me, I have had my share of people verbally attacking me simply because I have a different view. I just don’t understand why people have to be SO ugly and militant about their political views. I'm glad she wasn't attacking you, Annie, but even saying what she did in jest, is simply unthoughtful,unkind and just plain ugly.

Pauline said...

"Thomas Jefferson, and the other founders of the American Republic, considered political discourse to be the heart of democracy. Jefferson believed that instead of the social rank within which a person was born, the basis of influence within society should be discourse in a free and open discussion characterized by conflict among ideas and opinions.

He noted, "Differences of opinion lead to inquiry, and inquiry to truth."

According to Webster's dictionary, the concept discourse has two major meanings: (a) formal communication of thoughts about a serious subject through words (spoken or written) and (b) rationality or the ability to reason.

Political discourse is the formal exchange of reasoned views as to which of several alternative courses of action should be taken to solve a societal problem. It is intended to involve all citizens in the making of the decision, persuade others (through valid information and logic), and clarify what course of action would be most effective in solving the societal problem."

I don't see much of that happening today. It is more attack, attack and attack.

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