Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Silly Cora

Good Girl Cora?!?!?!?

There are times, when even the best behaved dogs are naughty. They don't mean to be. Something just happens to make them that way. In this particular instance, I'm referring to our good girl Cora. Cora is our best girl. She's not perfect, and can be "impish" at times... And yesterday was one of those days... and poor Ben paid the price.
We had just returned home from work, and Russell had taken Cora & Ben outside. Instead of concentrating on taking care of his business, Russell quicky aware that Ben was paying more attention to Cora. Russell looked over towards where Cora had been milling about, and all he could see was her rear end sticking out from beneath a bush. And then suddenly, a rabbit bolted out from the other side of the bush.

Poor Ben was beside himself. His inner "DEFCON" status was raised to the highest limit and he was totally on alert. No matter what Russell did to distract him, Ben's focus remained on the spot where the rabbit was last seen! Of course at this point, the rabbit was more than likely in the next county!

Russell and Ben came back inside after about 20 minutes. Russell was most annoyed and Ben was quite excited about the whole matter. I'm sure that he somehow communicated the entire chain of events to Kira and Yelda... in what ever "dogspeak" they use. And I do have to say that Cora appeared quite smug about the entire matter!

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