Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Finally, a good picture of Ben!

This is Ben. We've been fostering him for quite awhile and have decided to adopt him. He's a regular goofball but is all heart. The poor boy suffers from major anxiety. Prior to coming to live with us, he jumped through 5 windows trying to get to his people. When he arrived at our house, we were quite concerned about this. However, he settled right in. We had him on medication for quite awhile to help take the edge off. Though he'll always be anxious, he's improved a great deal.

Ben has the greatest personality... yet it's not easy to describe his personality. The closest I can get is to describe not one, but two character's from television.
The first is "Kramer" from the television show "Seinfeld". Ben's hair sticks up on his head much like Kramer's. And he also enters rooms just like Kramer does. It's always quite comical!

The second is "Barney Fife" from the "Andy Griffith" show. Ben is a self appointed deputy sherriff. He's constantly on patrol, and if he thinks anyone is doing anything wrong, he takes it upon himself to let them know. He also considers himself Russell's "back-up". He's definitely a deputy without a bullet...
Despite his many quirks, I love this boy with all my heart, and I'm proud to call him "ours".

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