Monday, May 15, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away!!!

I took this picture yesterday. The sun finally peaked out, and as we were returning home from our 1st Mother's Day activity, I saw these leaves, and decided to try and photograph them. We're due for more rain... we've been lucky in that we haven't gotten as much rain as those of you in the northeast, but it's pretty soggy here too.

Mother’s Day was full of activity, and we spent much of the day in the car going to and fro! We started out by attending Mass and then having breakfast. We then spent an hour or so at home with the dogs before heading to Effie’s and then on to Peter & Kim’s. We got home shortly after 4PM and had a couple more hours to spend with the dogs. (It was at this point that I photographed the leaves). We then spent the evening at my Mom’s. Everyone had a lovely day.

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