Thursday, May 25, 2006

Local Team Trains For A Triathlon

Ok.... I've figured it out. Several members of our neighborhood are training for what has got to be some sort of triathlon. I'm certain that it's not the standard triathlon because instead of swimming, bicycling, and running being the three events, these individuals seem to be training for jumping, climbing and running. And bless their hearts, they are training hard. And while I am really quite envious of their dedication and focus, I have one small complaint. You see, their training schedule conflicts with our schedule, and their training routines create total havoc with our routines. You see... these individuals are squirrels. They run marathons through our yards, climb trees and jump from branch to branch... and they never quit. The seem to enjoy having an audience... because the really start this training process when we're walking our dogs. And as you can imagine, our dogs are fascinated! So much so, that they want to investigate and participate. And this is the crux of the matter. It needs a resolution.. one of which remains a mystery to me.

Obviously, it would be easiest if the Official Country Lane Squirrel Triathlon Team would cooperate and find another yard in which to train. Somehow, I just don't think that's going to happen. I think that this "Official Country Lane Squirrel Triathlon Team" has conspired to train in our yard, so that they can receive the highly entertaining benefit of driving "The Newfs Of Country Lane" out of their minds. Isn't this one heck of a conspiracy theory?

So, it appears, that we'll have to work on our own training regimen... and really work on the "Leave It" command..... among other things. Pawsitive reinforcement is called for, and I'm certain that our Newfy team will respond well to that. I just know that it is essential to get a grip on this before the walnut trees start dropping their treasures on to our yard. That's another conspiracy theory I need to deal with, but first things first.

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