Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kanga Newf?

The other morning, I was outside with Yelda, trying to convince her that if she did her "business" that breakfast would soon follow. She of course, really didn't seem to care much, because she was so distracted by all the little birdys and other critters.

There were several incidents of her tricking me into thinking that we were getting somewhere. She'd walk around, sniffing and hunting for the spot... then she'd sort of squat... and....
(I've learned from experience to pay very close attention to their faces)... she'd get this intense look on her face... and WHAM! She was up and off.... just like a kangaroo! She uses her back legs to spring about 2 feet in the air. Actually, the more appropriate word would be "launch" because she really does launch! Anyway, she was totally intent on investigating whatever had caught her attention.

Of course, I would get her attention... and we'd start the entire process over again!!!
She did this about 4-5 times this morning, and it occured to me that I have a "Kanga-Newf" on my hands!

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