Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm worried....

I am quite worried about our Robin family. As I posted the other day, Ben (one of our Newfs) saw a Robin sitting on a nest. I got some wonderful pictures of it, and the nest was positioned in a place that was easy for us to keep watch over it.

However today, when we were outside doing some yardwork (and yes, I was participating!) I looked up and saw that the nest had disappeared. At first I thought it might have been knocked down by the Hawk I saw this morning. Russell pointed out that there is no way a hawk would get that close to the house. And I think he was right. We had heavy rain showers earlier in the day, and quite a bit of wind. We think that it was the wind that blew the nest down.

Russell went behind the bushes, and sure enough, there was the nest. Upon further investigation, Russell found 1 baby, and I found another. They were both alive. Remembering an article we read a year or so ago, debunking the myth that we shouldn't touch the babies, we carefully placed both babies back into the nest, and the put the nest back in it's original spot.

Initially, there was no sign of the Mama Robin, but as we were putting the nest back, a couple of Robins flew to a nearby branch and were visably agitated. We got out of the way as fast as we could, and watched from a distance. We never saw one of the adult robins go to the nest. Russell thinks that they will return to the nest when things quiet down outside. He finished mowing the lawn, I worked around the yard, trying to stay as far away as possible.
I hope and pray that the Mama Robin returns to the nest... and tends to her babies.....

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