Monday, January 25, 2010

The Manning Family "gets it"... Family FIRST!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not into Sports. I have always enjoyed Auto Racing... have attended several runnings of the Indianapolis 500. In addition to auto racing, I've attended several Cincinnat Reds games, a few Ohio State Football games and a handful of UD Flyer Basketball games. I also attended several high school football and basketball games "in the day". That said, for some reason, I've really gotten into the NFL this year. I have long admired the Indianapolis Colts, predominantly because of Peyton Manning.

As far as I can tell, Peyton Manning is a true "good guy".... a "what you see is what you get kind of guy". He doesn't show up in the tabloids, he is involved in many philanthropic activities. He gives back. His family roots have always been important. I have enjoyed the camrarderie between his younger brother Eli, also a pro football player. I've enjoyed seening them support each other... being there when the other had a big game (supporting each other in their recent Superbowl Victories for example).

And Eli was there again lastnight, when Peyton lead the Indianapolis Colts to win the AFC Championship. In fact, the entire family was there. The Manning Family's history with the NFL did not begin with Peyton or with Eli. Rather, it began with their Father, Archie, who played for 16 years with the New Orleans Saints. This is ironic, because the Colts, will play the Saints in the upcoming superbowl. And people have speculated who Archie would root for- his old team or his own son.

And others felt that Eli should root for the NY Jets rather than the Colts. Because, afterall, the Jets are from New York... and Eli plays for the other New York team, the New York Giants.

And those who are wondering really don't get what family is all about!!! But the Manning family does get it! Of course they do for they have always exemplified the ideal Family. Family comes first for the Mannings. No matter what! God Bless them, and I hope that people can learn something from the expample the set.

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Cassie said...

Wow! I had no idea! I am not a football fan so I don't really know anything about the players, but I have three boys who do love football. I am so thankful to see good role models for our children emerging in the world of sports. Tim Tebow's story is truly inspiring! I will be sure to encourage my boys to look to the athletes who are demontrating true family values!