Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle... what a delightful surprise

Sitting at work yesterday, I received a call from my sister. "Get on to You Tube right now" she said. And so being the obedient one, I logged in. "Type in 'Susan Boyle' into the search window" she further instructed... "And then select the 7+ minute clip."

And so I did. And so I've done a dozen plus times since. I've also watched her this morning on "The Today Show" and have joined her fan page on Facebook.

This is an awesome story in the making. And I'm certain that it is far from over. Susan Boyle is a 47 year old woman from Scotland. She has never been married... never even been kissed. Her one dream is to become a professional singer. Most would say that she is not a beauty. I beg to differ. Her beauty shines from her eyes, from her heart, and when she begins to sing, her beauty blows you away.

What I loved most about this, is that the judges and the audience were clearly cynical when she walked onto stage. They laughed and rolled their eyes... they were quite unkind. Susan didn't let it get to her. She was charming and funny... she has spirit. And she has an amazing voice, which blew everyone away. Watching the judges' reactions as well as the reactions of the audience was exhilarating. And after her performance, the judges owned up to the fact that they had been wrong, they had been mean and unkind, and they were truly apologetic... and thrilled, and humbled. I just love it when "the little guy" kicks ass. Here is a link to the you tube click that made my day!

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