Thursday, April 16, 2009

Georgetown University hid religious symbols upon White House request....

President Obama spoke at Georgetown University on Tuesday... the word Jesus was covered up due to a request by the White House. I find this very alarming. This just confirms how wrong it is for the President to have been asked to speak at Notre Dame University's commencement.

Given his stance on abortion, I do think this is a Scandal. He claims to be a Christian. If that is so, then why the request to cover up Jesus' name?

This is Easter Time. It is a time to rejoice, for HE is risen!!! It is not a time, to cover him up. I will continue to pray for understanding, comfort and tolerance. I only wish the President would be tolerant of those of us who do believe!

The other question on my mind is why Catholic Universities are inviting him to speak, when there is little evidence that he has any respect for Catholic beliefs. I would hope that Fr. Jenkins, President of Notre Dame will too at this incident at Georgetown, and rethink his decision. I do realize that there is merit in inviting a dialog... and we can all pray that such a dialog would help the President to see the light. The request that Jesus' name be covered up is alarming. I just hope that anyone other Catholic institutions take note of this... and don't follow in Georgetown or Notre Dame's footsteps.

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