Friday, February 03, 2006

Ramblings & Update

Just finished updating my webpage. It's lovely... all full of hearts and flowers in honor of valentine's day! Check it out! Doing so reminded me that I've not been here in awhile. No major reason, other than things have been hectic, which is normal. Russell had his follow-up test, and this time, happily, everything was ok! Of course, I was really uptight prior to the test and my relief is immense.

I finished the last book of the Mitford series, and am quite sad. It was a good book, but I'll miss the characters I've come to know and love.

I've got a horrible cold, and spent last night at my Mother's taking care of her. She is recovering from a particulary vicious case of the stomache flu, and all her regular caregivers are also under the weather. I got very little sleep and am exhausted. Not sure how I'll get through the day here at work. I need a nap and it's early yet. Geez.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I'm working. Once again, we're administering the LSAT. Fun Fun Fun...

I will try and come back when I'm feeling more upbeat! Proofing this makes me realize how grumpy I am! LOL!

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