Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday the 13th...

Well, here I am... after being "away" for a few days. I've not really been away... just busy, and distracted... and not having much to say! And for me, not having much to say is unusual. I'm finding myself not hanging out online as much. And I've finally figured out why.

My computer at home is right next to a window, and it's freezing! Our thermstat is set extra low to save money, because gas prices are so out of hand. The dogs and Russell don't seem to mind. I'm the only one.... so I walk around the house in multiple layers feeling like Nanook of the North. I long for Spring!

I've been watching the Olympics. I found the opening ceremonies to be a bit of a disappointment, with the exception of Pavarotti's performance. THAT was outstanding.... and very moving.

I'm sorry about Michelle Kwan. However, in all honesty, she shouldn't have gone in the first place. They bent the rules to let her go. She's never won Olympic Gold, and that is a shame. Yet I felt her attitude 4 years ago was poor. She showed poor sportsmanship and I lost alot of respect for her then. When she was injured and couldn't compete last month.... she should have accepted it with grace.

As for Bode Finn, well... he didn't deserve to win. The fact that he was seen out partying the night before, well.... shame on him. He comes across as being cocky and disrespectful. Not an attitude that serves the USA well. Just one more "ugly american".

I normally don't watch anything else "but" the olympics. However last night, I couldn't stay away from "Grey's Anatomy". And I'm glad that I didn't miss it- it was an incredible episode. Definitely "Emmy" worthy.

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