Monday, March 07, 2011


Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, aka Mardi Gras. Traditionally it is a day of gluttony and celebration.... a sort of "last hurrah" before Ash Wednesday... when Lent begins. While some people will be "whooping it up tomorrow" we will most likely be delivering food to the hungry as we do every Tuesday. Mardi Gras is merely a reminder that it's time for Lent. I've been soul searching about this Lent... what I am going to give up... and how I can make this Lent meaningful.

Giving up Chocolate and/or sweets has been my standard sacrifice.. but this year that strikes me as, well, a cop out. Lent is also a time to become more prayerful, and that is my desire. To spend more time with God, with Jesus, and to connect in a meaningful way. So it is my intention to say the Rosary and the chaplet of Divine Mercy at least once a day. In addition, I will attend Eucharistic Adoration on campus as much as possible. There will be the opportunity to attend a couple of retreats as well as one or two Missions.

As far as Sacrifice goes, in addition to fasting on Ash Wednesday, every Friday as well as Good Friday, I hope to eat more at home... meals that are simple... and use the money that we'd normally spending for alms-giving. And of course, there is penance as well.

I wish everyone a peaceful and joyous Lent. God Bless all of you...


A prayer for Lent:

Loving Lord!

Thank You for bringing me into these days of introspection. I take this time to analyse my ways and meditate upon the ultimate sacrifices You have made for me, a grant sinner.

Lord! There were times when I had been so mean to others and when I had lost my patience and integrity. There were times when I had lost faith in You when I had been unfaithful to You without even acknowledging Your sacrificial love for me. Please forgive me for all the sins I have committed against You as well as my fellow-men.

Let me regain the spiritual values I have lost and restore in me the original first love for You. I rededicate myself at Your feet Lord! Search me and fill me with Your divine presence so that my life can reflect the Gospel. Let this Lenten season be a time of restoration and the means for renewed direction and perspective. Please guide me and make me a channel of blessing to others. Thank You for helping me to reflect Your love and sacrifice. In Jesus' name, I pray.


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