Friday, February 04, 2011

I will never hear the end of this one....

This is This is a tale of my lost cell phone, a Good Samaritan and my husband, who once again, came to my rescue! I posted this on Facebook yesterday:
Russell just called.... from Marycrest... wanted to know if I could see him from my window. I asked what he was doing up there. I came to get your cell phone... someone called me from it saying that they had found it. Ugh. So THANK YOU, to the nice student who took the time to figure out who it belongs to.
And so it goes. I knew that I had my cell with me yesterday on the way to work, because I had left it in the truck. I checked it to see if it even had any power left and was surprised that it did.... even though it was down to one bar... hanging on by a thread. As I was climbing out of the truck, I glanced around, wondering where I had put it.

This happens all the time, I'm never consistent where I put it. I have a pocket in my purse, designated for the phone. And it's there 75% of the time. But when I start carrying it around in a pocket I always absentmindedly put it down somewhere, and then have problems finding it later.

Enter the Good Samaritan: this time, a student here at UD. He found my phone, picked it up and kept it safe, until he could find who it belonged to. He tracked it down by calling Russell on my phone... and that is when Russell trekked up to Marycrest to retrieve it. Russell offered the young man a reward, but the young man refused to accept it. A good soul to be sure. And this is the true spirit of UD.... a true community of very nice people.
I don't really mind that I will have to endure the teasing from Russell. I have no ground to stand on, and I do, need to pay more attention to where I put that blasted phone! LOL!

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