Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday 8th Yelda! I often call her Yelda-loo, and sometimes when she is naughty, which is quite often, Yelda from Helda. Yelda is a newfoundland dog and came to us through Rescue. We initially fostered her when she was just about 9 months old. She came from a broken and abusive home, and lacked attention and training. We placed her with a couple who seemed to be good candidates. The lady worked alot with her an did alot of obedience training. However, she was bitten by the show bug, and wanted to get a show-Mastiff. Her husband said ok, but she'd have to get rid of Yelda. Calling his bluff, or rather attempting to, she got her Mastiff, and before long, Yelda was back in Rescue. Another home was found, and it too seemed ideal. It was a farm with a lady who loved Yelda dearly. However she became quite ill, and Yelda and her strong will and spunkiness was too much for her to handle. And so back she came.

At this point I didn't feel that we could continue yanking her around. We looked at a couple of possible homes for her but in the end she stayed. She is a challenging girl.. very headstrong and smart. It's not been ideal but it's worked, and I love her dearly.

In writing this I would like to clarify the importance of Rescue. Rescue organizations for the most part do an awesome job in bringing lost and unwanted dogs back to health, in fostering and placing them. The fact that Yelda came back to us twice is no fault or reflection on rescue. It just happens. The important thing is that Yelda is safe and happy. Happy Birthday Yeldie-loo.. you are loved.

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