Thursday, June 24, 2010

"They have pretty good chicken salad"

I was driving my "now former" boss to the airport yesterday. Along the way we chatted about restaurants and he shared that he had gone to one of my most favorite eateries. I was so excited and the words "They have good chicken salad" were on the tip of my tongue. Amused by this, I held back. This is an amazing restaurant. The food is clever and unique... they have a luncheon menu and a dinner menu. I usually dine there at lunch time. And yes, I always get their chicken salad... because it really is good. So I can only go by my friends reviews about other items on the menu... and all reviews have been stellar. Even so, I'm sticking with the chicken salad.

Yet I am aware, that my "repertoire" is limited. Russell tells me this all the time. And it's pretty much the truth. Yet there is something about chicken salad. I prefer it with grapes and nuts... maybe some raisins... served with fruit. And it's cool and refreshing.

It's summer... and it's HOT! I don't want the typical fair that campus dining services offers on a daily basis. Who in their right mind wants Roast Beef Hotshots, Stuffed Shells or Chicken & Dumplings on a day when it's 85+ degrees outside and the humidity makes everyone feel heavy and saturated? UGH... definitely not me! Up until about a year or so ago, they used to have a chicken salad OR tuna salad fruit plate for lunch. It was perfect. It was light and refreshing, and fairly nutrition. And yes, the chicken salad itself was pretty good.

We were working at an event at our local dog club a couple of weeks ago. It was HOTTER than hades.... there was no air conditioning as we were outside. The provided lunch for workers... pulled pork or pulled chicken heated up in crock pots. So I casually suggested that maybe chicken salad might be a good idea. They agreed, so I went the next morning to GFS Marketplace and picked up a bucket of their Chicken salad. And yes, it was pretty good! And it was well received as well.

Subway has introduced a new sandwich... orchard chicken salad. As you can imagine, I was very enthused by this. It's OK.. .but.. hey! It's chicken salad! Way to go Subway!!! (and no, I'm in no way affiliated with Subway... I'm just saying...)

My own "home-made" chicken salad is pretty darned good too. I make it with grapes and pecans.... mayo not "miracle whip! I add a hint of curry and some poppy seed dressing and serve it with ripe cantaloupe. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself! I make "pretty good chicken salad!"

I am so proud! :) I think I'll be making some... very soon!

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