Friday, May 28, 2010

The Substance of Fluff....

Fluff… what exactly is it? It can be sugary sweet marshmellowy goo; it can be the soft feather light filling in a cuddly pillow; it can be a fluffy cloud. Fluff can be warm and soft. Fluff can be a cuddly puppy or kitten. Fluff can be wonderful!

Dictionaries define fluff as something fluffy, something inconsequential. Russell, my husband, would agree with inconsequential… as well as sugary sweet marshmellowy goo. And I have to agree with sugary and sweet, but I don’t agree so much with “inconsequential”.

In “Annie-Speak” fluff means…. Romantic fiction in books, and romantic comedies on television or at the cinema; something light, and easy… and FUN! Happy endings only, thank you very much!

Of course, there is a time for serious reading… serious learning. Yet there is also a much needed time to relax, escape and enjoy. Times to be entertained and let one’s brain relax. For this reason, fluff is vital... it’s soothing… and in that regard, it’s got substance. The substances of laughter, joy, happiness, soothing, calming… entertaining, all of which one needs from time to time!

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