Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Snow? Really? Ugh....

Time will tell what Mother Nature has in mind. This will be the third storm in the last 10 days. Certainly, we haven't gotten near the amount of snow that the mid-atlantic regions have. But we currently have approximately 10-12 inches on the ground.. and we're all growing weary. Well, I should say... "most" are growing weary. Our dogs, how ever, are loving it. Here are some pictures I took of Yelda this morning, as she jubilantly romped and frolicked in the snow:

It was a fun romp, and I managed to stay on my feet the entire time. And that was quite a "feet"... pun intended! All three of our newfs, Ben, Kira and Yelda are currently asleep in their beds. The forecasted weather has not yet begun to fall... but when we wake up tomorrow morning, it should have begun, and as we make our morning trek outside, I'm sure they will have a blast!

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