Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Week In A Nutshell

Hi everyone.. I've been so immersed in other things that I have neglected my blog and my friends horribly. Please accept my apologies.

What an amazing week it has been. It started out last Sunday with attending what is called a "Rite of Election". During Mass on Sunday, those of us in my RCIA class were introduced to the congregation and asked to sign a book. The book was then brought by our priest to the official "Rite of Election" on Sunday evening, at a very large church here in Dayton. I, along with my fellow candidates attending this service along with our sponsers. We were called up by parish, and our sponsers were asked questions about our preparedness. We were asked some basic questions and then we all prayed. It was an incredible event. This was one of 4 such services within the Cincinnati Archdiocese. There were 2 in Cincinnat and two in Dayton. Between the 4 services, over 1000 people are in the process of becoming Catholic. That number amazed me!!!

During the week, I took part in what was called "A Busy Person's Lenten Retreat". It was... awesome. It began with an opening prayer service on Monday afternoon. I was assigned to a spirtual advisor, with whom I met for 30 minutes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There was a lunchone on Wednesday and a closing ceremony on Friday. My Spirtual Advisor was Sister Mary Louise, and we had some amazing discussions. I got some good feedback and she gave me some wonderful tools about how to pray, and how to connect. I know that the will help me greatly.

Tuesday brought snow and then ice. Way too much ice for my liking. The University cancelled morning classes and we did not have to report until noon. Of course, Russell wanted to go in early. That was fine, because I had reading I wanted to do. In addtion to all my reading for RCIA, I have also begun reading the Harry Potter series... and I'm enthralled with them.

Thursday, of course was Valentines Day. The morning started out on a wonderful note. Russell and I had lunch with a friend, and then on the way home discussed what we were going to do for the evening. After calling a 1/2 dozen restaurants, we decided to wait to have our Valentines dinner until Sunday or Monday, when they wouldn't be so busy.

I had lunch with Karen, my sponser on Saturday and then visited with my Mother. I took her a dog book for her valentines gift. She has been asking for one. I don't think it was the one she wanted, so I may be taking it back. Saturday night saw us attending the Annual Banquet at our local dog training club. We teach their ever week, but have not been as involved. So it was very very good to catch up with alot of old friends!!!

And that, in a nutshell was my week. Hugs to all my friends. Have a grand day and hopefullly, I'll be able to stay in touch more this coming week. And in closing.. good luck wishes to Dale Ernhardt Jr at today's Daytona 500!!! Goooooooo Junebug!!!!

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