Friday, August 03, 2007

There's no place like home!

Well I'm home! And very glad to be. We had a nice time, but I missed Russell, Kira, Ben and Yelda. Russell couldn't take off from work, so I went with my Mother inlaw. Russell and I have our own place, which is next to my Mother Inlaws. Her place is next to her brothers, so there's usually always family around!

Our place is a two bedroom "park model" mobile home. It's got a regular bathroom and kitchen, and a small living area. Because we now have 4 dogs, three who need to be crated when we're not home, we've not been going to the lake at all, and have missed it. We're thinking of converting one of the bedrooms into a "dog room, and removing the bed, and putting in crates and another window a/c, so the dogs would be cool when we're out on the lake fishing.
So, since Russell couldn't go, I took Cora, who loves it. And she's our "very bested girl" and behaves well... the only thing you have to watch for is that if she finds a dead fish, she likes to roll in it and that is stinky!

Since we hadn't been there for a long time, I discovered a few "problems". Our TV was "toast"... it wouldn't stay on. Russell said that he remembered it misbehaving when he was up there with his scout troop. So off to Walmart I went to buy a new one. We don't watch tv alot, but at night, or when we want to come in from the heat, it's nice to have. Happily, I got one with a DVD player, because we don't have cable, and reception is terrible. The only channel I was able to get was the PBS station, which was fine, since we watch alot of PBS. Russell will be able to get more channels. And I luckily bought a couple of DVD's and watched those at night. Our cordless phone's battery was also dead, but we had another phone in the closet, so I got that to work. I was also able to get online via dial up.. which was a blessing. I read everyone's messages and comments, but didn't post or upload pictures because it would have taken too long.
Russell's Uncle and his wife and great grandson were there, and we went fishing on their pontoon. I caught 3 large catfish with my brand new "red firebird" fishing rod!!! Everyone was dubious that I'd be able to bring in anything on it, but I surprised them and landed two very large catfish and third, which was not as large. We only kept what we were going to eat... and released the smaller ones, and the ones that we couldn't use.

Russell's cousin came up with his daughter and grand daughter to visit on Wednesday. We spent most of the afternoon on the lake, ridnig around... we pulled into a marina, and everyone got hawaiian ice. I got "lime" flavored!!! YUM!

It was hot hot hot.. and thank goodness for the air-conditioning. Cora was out in the mornings with us, and in the evening. I made her stay insdie during the hottest part of the day. She wanted to come out for visits, and I let her... and she was really good about telling me when she wanted to go back in. Even though she's a Newf, she's never been a big swimmer. I would have liked to take her out on the pontoon, but the one we use wasn't out... it's part of the estate from Pete, and we don't know what's going to happen to it. I didn't want to take her on the other one.. it's new and I didn't want her to shed on it. So, maybe next time! I did have a spray bottle filled with water, and we misted her alot, and that really helped. And, for a treat, I made her her very own snow cones! I have a snow cone maker up there, and I melted beef bouillon cubes, and froze them.. and then put them in the snow cone maker, and Cora had her very own snow cone!!! She loved it, and I decided to bring it home and make some for Kira, Ben and Yelda. They love to chew ice, so they will love this!!!

So, in a nutshell, that is "my time at the lake". And I loved it, but it's very good to get home. Russell did a great job taking care of the others. He rigged up fans to keep them comfortable in their crates. Apparently, they were restless since both Cora and I were gone, and he even tried to let Yelda sleep in our room. Kira didn't want to, and stayed in her crate. She didn't like the fact that Yelda wasn't out there with her, and fussed!!! Russell was up and down trying to help them settle, and was a very good sport!!!

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