Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's all about the stuffing

One of the hot topics of discussion before and after thanksgiving is stuffing. Newspapers are stuffed with Grocery store ads the week before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving, newspapers are stuffed with ads for "black Friday". When it comes to the actual Thanksgiving feast there is talk of stuffing the turkey an of being stuffed ourselves. This brings me to my main point.

You would think that the stuffing we use to stuff our turkey would be a fairly basic. However, it seems, that (myself included) are often passionate about what kind of stuffing they prefer. There are all sorts of varieties of stuffing! Many people shudder at the thought of actually stuffing a turkey, and they make it completely separate from their turkey! Others stuff the turkey, and then even make extra.

There are many varieties of stuffing:

Oyster Stuffing
Cornbread Stuffing
Box Stuffing
Box Stuffing doctored so that it is absolutely delicious
Bread Stuffing
Sausage Stuffing

This list expands significantly when you realize that there are dozens of recipes an varieties of each kind listed. People are passionate about their favorite stuffing. Those who are "traditionalists" are often emphatic about "what is the best stuffing". I know I am! After marrying, I rarely have been able to enjoy the stuffing from my childhood... my family's "recipe" has been use for decades.

It's gotten to the point that my Mother, sister and I refer to it with a sort of reverence that can only be compared fans of NASCAR, or Fans of the NFL, NBA or MLB. My sister brings a dish of stuffing to my Mother every year. My Mother is in a nursing home, and when asked if she would like us to bring her a plate, she says... just bring me some stuffing. I totally get that, an always feel a bit petulant when I on't get any!

So this year, I'm gonna stuff a turkey and save it for myself. My husband's family will have their traditional stuffing, which is delicious in it's own right. And I'll have mine.... and maybe I'll share!

What kind of stuffing do you like?

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