Thursday, September 03, 2009

To Snooze or Not To Snooze....

Every morning, our alarm goes off at 6:45 sharp. This year, Russell is in charge of the snooze because he said that "I took too many snoozes, which made us late for work"! HA! So now, that he is in charge, I am learning that he also tends to "take too many snoozes," making us late to work! When the alarm goes off, he slaps it.... and then we go back to sleep for another 9 minutes. And then it buzzes again, and again and again... with 9 minutes in between each buzz. So we're two peas in a pod when it comes to snoozing.

There is one difference, however. My clock runs about 5-10 minutes fast. This is deliberate on my part. Russell's clock is set to the accurate time. We have debated the wisdom of this since we were married 15 years ago and have never come to an agreement. If there is a power outage, and Russell fixes the clocks before I can get to them, then mine is set to accurate time. And of course, this throws me off, which is perplexing to Russell.

I wonder about the psychology of all of this! Yes I know my clock is fast, yet when we finally get in the car, and I look at the clock, I can say.... well, we did pretty good today... we're not as late as I thought we were. And Russell just rolls his eyes at me. And then the great snooze debate begins. Last year, it was my fault. This year, it's clearly his.. and I take great satisfaction in pointing that out!

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