Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas Lights, a waste of energy???

I was in a discussion during lunch yesterday. One person expressed that they felt that all the out door displays were a waste of energy. Point taken. Another person said that they never put outside decorations up, but enjoyed looking at them. This got me to thinking....

Given the state of our economy, I was surprised this year, that so many people put up outdoor Christmas lights. We set up a display of Mary, Jesus and Joseph, the three kings, a shepherd and a couple of sheep. We want to get a star, and an angel, and Russell has a desire to build some sort of structure. Time will prove whether this gets done!

I've always loved driving around at night looking at them. As in any neighborhood, ours had the typical assortmant... mostly secular, but a few nativity scenes. Then there are the new fangled inflatables... which aren't my taste, but seem to please many people. I prefer the religious displays, and lights. It makes the winter darkness warmer, and brighter.

And, while pondering the fact that there were so many outdoor displays this year, it occurred to me, that perhaps during these troubled times, people, want, need, crave the light. Perhaps the light brings hope, and joy... just as the star did when Jesus was born 2000+ years ago. And I have to ask myself, how, could that be a waste of energy?

I wish everyone reading this a very joyous New Year.

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