Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to find the "best" gas prices around

We just got gas for $3.98 a gallon. The fact that we're "excited" about this disgusts me! However, after yesterday's all time high (in the Dayton area of $4.09 a gallon), $3.98 doesn't seem so bad. There is a website where you can go to check on local gas prices in most areas. Here is a link: You can find your area, which probably has it's own page/site. You can sign up and help post prices of gas in your area. There are points to be earned, but truthfully I have no idea of what benefits these "points" bring. I just do it to pitch in and help to share information. For example... we are driving to Cincinnati for brunch tomorrow. I just found that gas in Springboro is currently running $3.85 a gallon. So we'll wait to fill up then. We only got a few gallons today... in hopes that prices would go lower. I hope anyone reading this will benefit from this information. And if you have any comments, please don't hesitate to share. I know my friends in Europe and Canada will likely find this amusing. Sadly, you have faced higher gas prices for a long time! Have a safe and wonderful weekend everyone!!!

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